Friday, January 30, 2009

biotripod - low poly creature

Here is a little doodle to practice low poly modeling and normal maps. Created with Zbrush and 3DS Max.

Alastor - wip

High poly head for normal mapped low poly character. Only Zbrush.

Alastor car - wip

High poly giant car, early wip. Done in 3DS Max. Designed by myself.


Here is a logo i created for Alastor. It's the emblem of his beliefs.

Human after all

I created the spaceship in 3DS Max, rendered with mental ray. Created at Marcel (Publicis).

Leave an impression

Created at Marcel (Publicis) for Ballantines. I worked on the modelisation and on the render with Vray. I've used and hdr image.

Beyond the news

Commercial created at Marcel (Puclicis) for information channel France 24. I did modeling, rigging, rendering and corrected some animations.
I was also in charge of this project, leading a 5 persons team.