Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Naomi Watts head

Here is a low poly portrait of british actress Naomi Watts, with a shot of the polypainted high poly below. Not my first try at realistic head modeling, but first one for low poly and texturing. The high poly was created only with ZBrush, low poly was done in 3DS Max. I baked the normals using xNormal, created the texture in photoshop by photo manipulation and handpainting, then i did a scanline render in Max.
2610 triangles with no two sided polygons. 4 maps: diffuse, normal, specular and opacity, all are 2048x2048.

Quick sketch

Here is a 30mn sketch from a polycube. At firt i had in mind a horrific face of some kind of mutant fish, but while sculpting i saw the beginning of a cartoony face, so i get the opportunity to do something different from my usual work.
I like to think about him like a kind of severe instructor or something like that.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Alastor's Gunscythe

Created with 3ds max, zbrush and photoshop. 2478 triangles, four 2048 maps: normal, diffuse, specular and opacity.